Gershuna (0728 Daibei C352675-9)

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Gershuna (0728 Daibei C352675-9): While the many countries of Gershunas differ in philosophy and culture, they share one common attitude: time is unimportant. Appointments are flexible, work is unhurried - the concept of "deadline" has no direct translation in any local language.

Local planetary conditions seem to contribute to this attitude. The small world is almost tidally locked, rotating very slowly near its large, dim star. Day and night bear no relation to human circadian cycles, so they are ignored. To the locals, things get done only when they must.

Because of the locals' lackadaisical attitude, many starship captains experience numerous delays when loading cargo on Gershunas. Offworld visitors must come prepared to deal with a lack of schedule. Still, some people come to Gershunas deliberately: the locals' lack of schedule often aids in recuperating from stress-related illnesses.

A common expression heard in the Zhemi subsector sums it up well: "For the uptight executive, a year's sabbatical on Gershunas will either do wonders to calm him - or drive him insane with frustration." -dai TD 15