Anomaly Five (0615 Deneb X100000-5)

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Anomaly Five (0615 Deneb X100000-5): Red Zone. A Scout team first discovered the enigma hidden here in the early 400s. While helping to compile the First Survey, Lidia Besant's geological team detected the enormous mass concentrations which lurk deep beneath the moon's surface. The phenomenon would have been strange enough if the small satellite had had a molten core. These masses, however, lay within a ball of cold, inactive rock. The geological knowledge of the day offered no explanation, and Besant put the moon on the IISS's list of survey anomalies.

Today, more than 700 years later, geologists still cannot explain the presence of these mass concentrations, which have been the subject of much speculation. The popular media have always been quick to point the finger at the super-technological Ancients. The Imperial Navy favored a slightly more scientific hypothesis, however - one which identified the masses as deposits of superheavy elements - and consequently interdicted the system in 690. The Navy consistently denies reports of any secret research being conducted insystem. -den TD 19