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Urzaeng: Language and cultural region in the Vargr Extents. Includes Fa Dzaets and Gzaekfueg, and reaches into Meshan. This region halos the coreward end of the Windhorn Rift. This region came into being when Vargr rounded the rift during the Vargr Pillaging (-2400 to -1700). Expansion of the Urzaeng into the Imperial territories was not as deep because of the wars with the Second Empire of Gashikan.

The Urzaeng have a propensity for violence and a disdain for weakness. Runts, elderly, and chronically ill are usually collected into separate communities. Someone with a temporary illness is wise to seclude himself from the public until he recovers.

Urzaeng are also known for being very territorial and protective of their space. Their trading ships are particularly wide ranging and are marked for their spaciousness: double occupancy staterooms are almost unheard of. -cul V&V