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Syoisuis: A monolithic grouping of several trillion Aslan, the Syoisuis clan mantains its power through an array of vassal clans scattered throughout the Hierate. Generally, the Syoisuis avoid aliances, keeping their own interests in the foreground.

Some human observers perceive this clan as "dark and sinister," probably because of its restrictive and secretive nature. Syoisuis favors wars of assassins, and has a mastery of intelligence and counter-intelligence unsurpassed by any other clan. However, its intelligence focuses on reconnaissance and observation. The clan excludes such methods as extortion and subterfuge - things distasteful to Aslan honor - but familiar to human covert operations.

Neither does Syoisuis protect its secrets to give itself an ardvantage. The secrecy is instead meant to deny its opponents an advantage by denying them information, even things that by themselves seem of no consequence. Syoisuis does not depend on secrecy in strategic planning. Should its military secrets become known, its plans would change little. To do otherwise would be "sneaky" and not befitting Aslan honor. -tlau S&A