Lair Protectorate

The Lair Protectorate is a loose coalition of nine worlds in Provence sector centered around the vargr "homeworld," Lair (2402 Provence).  The majority of Vargr hold little or no reverence toward their homeworld, especially since the introduction of the Solomani Hypothesis and proof that the vargr race was transported to Lair by the Ancients.  As the birthplace of vargr civilization and technology, however, Lair is still a fairly important world.

Once a member of the ailing Empire of Varroerth, Lair declared its independence in 777 Imperial, carrying the neighboring worlds of Firgvaar, Khvhaargvaetsoerrgh, Kaarlag, Zhorvrn, and Fraets-Vog with it.  These worlds are among the first worlds settled by the vargr race. All have a long tradition of independence that went contrary to membership in the Empire of Varroerth.  Over the intervening years, three more worlds, Zargvaetsr, Aertsvad, and Oeghzvar have joined the Protectorate.

Embracing everything that is truly vargr, the Lair Protectorate is based on the basic precepts of charisma and responsible change (called chaos by some humans).  Leaders, customs, organizations, and laws change on a constant, continuous basis.

The Empire of Varroerth, represented by Regional Governor Ghaarkts Faegzag, tries to ignore the Protectorate which, with its high technology and tradition-minded fervor, would certainly triumph in any reasonable version of a civil war.  All in all, the Empire of Varroerth simply refuses to recognize the Lair Protectorate's existence, and the Lair Protectorate consequently refuses to recognize the Empire of Varroerth.

The Protectorate seemed doomed to dissolution in the first decade of the 1100s with the death of ruler Fanadae Aegon.  Civil unrest rose to frightening proportions on Lair Itself, and political scientists feared the Protectorate would collapse.  A new administration led by reform-minded Ulurs Otsunga has recently provided a stabilizing influence, however; hope for the Protectorate has been rekindled.

-V&V pro