Crisis of '99

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Crisis of '99: Albert Croale, in his book Almost Disaster, presents a hypothesis that the Third Frontier War (979 to 986) occurred two centuries too late. After reviewing the progress of events in the spinward reaches of the Imperium from the antebellum period to the late seventh century, Croale then analyzes the rise of the Psionics Institutes, their growing public acceptance, and their spreading power. Finally, he presents that a straight projection of events would predict a resurgence of the Outworld Coalition, increased hostilities, and finally, a Third Frontier War.

Instead, his hypothesis as stated in his book indicates that the Psionics Suppressions (800 to 826 and beyond) were a massive manipulation of the population of the Imperium, a form of psychohistory, intended to eliminate the power of the Institutes. Preparations were ongoing for war, and the Imperium made representations of strength (in 799) to the Coalition. It backed down.

But, the psychohistory project went wrong and resulted in widespread rejection of psionics as a whole within the Imperium to the point that even the government had difficulty in using the science of psionics for its official purposes. -ld IE