(34a) Addendum to (34)

The Mora Campaign (198-1120)

Private Activites by Ed "Shark" Teeth

    Ed arrives at his safe house.  He tells them that Mich has been continuing his research into antimatter devices with the help of local scientists and engineers on Digitis.  There is a report of a Zhodani spy in the mining city, and the ruling people of the planet seem to be interested in acquiring technology but not necessarily in using or trading it.

    In return, they tell him that someone on the Third Eye is starting to do some research that is raising security flags.  They aren't sure whose security flags, just that they're at a higher level than this organization -- that would mean something that outranks Imperial Intelligence.  They should perhaps not be looking into some of the language things, unless they want some serious attention.
    Shark starts to tell the guy what the language research was based on, but the guy stops him quickly and says he doesn't want to know.  He doesn't want to become a target.  He says they should either back off or be willing to accept more than a little interest.

    He then returns to the ship.