(20a) Addendum to (20)

The Mora Campaign (344-1119)

Xboat message arriving for Marquis Marcus Crestworthy at University of Mora, from Mr. Jeff Collins on Frenzie:

"Hey Markie Yo!  Gotta nother 1 for u.  Digitis.  Pleasant enuf place this time.  In t'Cormor Forest, northern end, there's a trapper that lures predators 2 its lair.  Only predators, no carrion-eaters or herbivores.  Curious, huh?  Guy I talked 2, farmer called Erwin Hedaker (look him up in the directory @First City f u want), sez it does it w/magic.  Sounds right up your alley, huh?  Buy me a drink next time ur in town -- I gotta deal shippin stuff 2 Attica, cross border run, but leave word @T'Codpiece on Frenzie & I'll find u.  l8r d00d, Cappy Starfugger."