(1a) Addendum to (1)

The Mora Campaign (before 132-1119)

Rumors about Pimane

    An old free trader remembers a stopover on Pimane:

    "I remember the town was called Hell's Armpit.  Really, this is no shit.  Anyway, I was in a bar when this guy rolls in, looking like he'd wandered out of one of those old Indy Jones holovids.  Turns out he'd been on an expedition exploring the canyons.  Says there was a lost kingdom out there, a whole city made of Lanthanum!  Yeah, that's what I thought too.  Still, mad or not, the guy bought me a drink, and since drinks are friggin' expensive there, figured I owed him a listen.  He told this crazy story of Jim and his mates being hunted down by a pack of jackalopes or something, big dogs with antlers.  What was weird was that they saw them coming at them, but most of the guys just went all crazy -- just like they were all spaced out, without a care in the world, and dropped their weapons, stood up and let themselves get caught.  He saw the whole thing from where he was setting up camp.  Sounds like the sort of weird paranormal stuff you're interested in, eh?"