(61a) Addendum to (61)

The Misha Campaign (to 007-1122)

Private Activities by Shark

    Shark's football sensors have picked up blips from Marquis Korwin Vanderfield on two occasions.  The first occasion was in the lounge with no-one else around; the second time was on the bridge at an out of the way console.  He appeared to be reading at the time of the events.
    Shark verifies that there was no communication between Korwin and the ship at those times.  He does determine that the Marquis has been making good use of the ship's library, and has been reading all the psionic texts on board.
    Both times the football sensor blip was short in duration and weak in power.  Nothing seems to have happened as a consequence of either.  Shark sets up to make sure that if it happens again, he'll have full information of who was nearby, if anyone was in sparkly pink, and so on.  At this time he sees no reason to take any other action.