(59a) Addendum to (59)

The Misha Campaign (322-1121)

Misha in Sparkly Pink

    Misha is not in control of his body, which is floating in space in an asteroid belt.  He's not in direct control, that is -- he can consciously ask himself to do things, but he's constantly aware that he's asking and getting a response, rather than just doing it.
    For a while he just orients himself.  He can see all around him, behind him too, and can "see" much more than just sight.  He's seeing gravitational forces, compositions of asteroids, spectra of luminous objects, and so on.  He feels all the forces acting on him, and can turn his attention to his internal health.  For example, his liver is perfectly red, putting out energy well below its maximum capacity.
    He has the ability to ask for more detail, to ask for himself to change trajectory, to do anything he wants.  He has to ask for everything indirectly, of course, but he "knows" he can do these things.  He has three weapons at his disposal -- something he points with his finger, something he belches -- or some sensation like that, and something he throws at a point from his hand.  He quickly assigns them to laser, missiles, and the Third Weapon.
    Misha decides he wants to fire the laser into empty space.  He asks his arm to point into empty space and fire.  It does that, and he hears the thought, "Nothing there."
    Interesting.  He drops out of sparkly pink to discuss it.