(53a) Addendum to (53)

The Misha Campaign (291-1121 ff.)

What Kalida Knows (1)

    Kalida does know something about whisky that might be worth that much.  It would have to be something that was available only in small quantities.  The stuff that comes out of Nakege, for example, only comes out rarely and in small quantities.  This stuff Andy is offering would have to be something equivalent to that.  Blockade Bourbon comes out occasionally when someone can smuggle it past the military hold that Tukera has on the system -- that's extremely hard to do and very high risk.  There are people who would pay that much for a bottle.  But other circumstances could force the price that high -- perhaps there's a very limited quantity of the precursor; maybe it's produced with a special ritual; maybe it starts with a large quantity and is vastly reduced during production.  But yes, if it's legitimate, you can find a buyer for it.  Some stuff has certainly changed hands for an easy million credits in the right social circles.

What Kalida Knows (2)

    Kalida of course also has all the details in the latest book she's bought about testing Blockade Bourbon for authenticity.  She doesn't tell the rest of the crew yet.