(46d) Addendum to (46)

The Misha Campaign (274-1121)

Shark's Klatrin Experience

    It's another typical klatrin experience.  Shark now has the upper hand over the Shadows -- his concepts, his ability to think in non-linear fashion, is improving.  With it, his ability to integrate data is also improving.  Taking things from diverse sources and putting them together is a non-linear activity, and that's improving.  When he wakes up he's noticeably improved his abilities in both Investigation and Forensics.
    The Shadows are active consciousnesses outside his own, but they're shadows of things that don't threaten him.  He can think his way round them.   They're just grasping at straws and don't have all the information they need, and that makes them ineffective.
    On waking he also finds he can read the script better, too -- he can think in a way which enables him to read better.  He's no faster at reading, but it is a little easier now.