(46c) Addendum to (46)

The Misha Campaign (273-1121)

Robert's Analysis of von Hayden's Database

    Count Walter von Hayden is part of an organization called the Imperial Naval Intelligence Special Operations, known simply as INISO.  This database belongs to INISO.  The database is heavily encrypted, and is a compilation of gathered data along with some organizational notes.
    INISO is looking to find, secure, and investigate items and technology of those who used the script.  This is their purpose.

    The database includes some mission notes.  INISO clearly considers themselves justified in taking any measures necessary to prevent this technology falling into any hands other than theirs.  No-one should even know about the script, because it would threaten the security of the project.  They don't care who built the black technology or where it came from, they just want to use it.
    It's clear that they're not having a lot of success.  They have a good many artifacts, but they can't work out how they're powered.  They can't get anything to work because they can't get a power source identified, and they have not managed to hook up external power to anything.  They have also analyzed some weapons.
    They've seen signs of black tech being on the losing side of a battle, and as a result of those they're guessing that if the Imperium can reach TL17 they might be able to put up a good fight.  As a result they are not too concerned about being hasty -- while black tech will clearly result in big advances for the Imperium, it is not essential to the Imperium's survival.  The security of this project is more important than rushing it to completion.

    They have found some artifacts intact, and some stuff really torn up.  There appear to be caches -- stuff is left in obscure asteroid belts to be picked up.  They expect there to be ground caches somewhere but they haven't found one yet.
    Some cache locations are given.  The database lists several sites where artifacts have been found, although there ar clearly others not listed here.  They have found caches and items at Zett, Zaibon, Shionthy, and Regina .  While no other sites are listed specifically, the database does state that most are scattered around the Spinward Marches and Foreven.  There appears to be no pattern in the locations as far as current information indicates.
    In their attempts to analyze black technology and reproduce it, they provide knowledge and some artifacts to various research units.  Sometimes the knowledge is the result of analysis, and sometimes the knowledge is merely that a certain technology is possible.
    Professor Farol's operation is one of the research units supported by INISO.  The nuclear warheads were passed on to add to the Kinunir.

    INISO is not in a hurry.  They're in the business of accumulating details.  Even their own operatives are given as little information as possible.  Those accumulating details are not in a position to do anything with the information.  It's set up in a cell structure organization, with no-one knowing anything more than they need to -- except that all the information gets fed back into the central INISO analysis.  Count von Hayden's database is one collection site that is then passed on for further integration with the results of other cells.
    The station at Zett is operated by INISO.  That is their prime station for analyzing black ship technology.  There is another station which performs a similar role in analyzing weapons technology, but it doesn't say where.
    They have samples of the writing, but don't know what it means.  They have seen writing on the ships, on weapons, in caches.  The particular sample here that caught Robert's search criteria is from a cache, and says, "Personnel weapons, light infantry."  There are others like, "MRE's, 1000 people, 200 days."

    Anyone who knows anything about black technology, even the script associated with it, is a target for INISO.  Anyone who looks into it, or even shows an interest in the script, or starts asking questions that could be relevant to black tech, is just as big a target.  Standard practice is to apprehend the persons in question and interrogate them.

    INISO has gone to great lengths to encrypt this database, and in fact obscure all their operations.  This is a high level information depository by their standards, being a collection of disparate information items, integrated as far as possible.  Even so, it is very limited in scope, and intended to feed into an even higher level database.

    The motto of INISO is "We outrank you."