(46a) Addendum to (46)

The Misha Campaign (263-1121)

Private Activities by Jaekovic Ils-Nevronne

    From the console in his stateroom, Jaek does a little checking up on the crew he's just joined.  The obvious place to start is with Baron Bridgehead.  There's nothing about him generally, but there is a news item about his elevation to the rank of Baron from Knight.  That TNS article also mentions Count Threasis Fostriades and the Hermes, another possible lead.
    The Hermes visited here, was left in storage for several years, and was picked up by Count Fostriades after his title was awarded.  Further research reveals that Fostriades arrived here on the Hermes, salvaged a ship that was then registered as the Merchant Cruiser Anastasia, and left on that ship.  He came back here eventually on commercial transport and reclaimed his original ship.
    The Hermes was a standard 200 std Far Trader; the Anastasia was 2000 std.  There is no indication of what happened to the Anastasia .  There is not much information about the ship -- nothing since it left here, certainly.  Originally it was the Imperial Navy vessel the Kinunir, salvaged here near Allys Hollow.  That's all the records there are here about the ship.
    At the time Sir Bridgehead was also involved with the salvage of the Anastasia.
    Another ship associated with them was the scout ship Woodstock -- another ship the crew has mentioned to Jaek before.  That ship was on detached duty assigned to Chiang Ho, who also left it in storage while he left on the Anastasia.  He later came back and reclaimed it around the same time as Fostriades reclaimed the Hermes.