(39a) Addendum to (39)

The Misha Campaign (200-1121)

Private Conversation Between Kalida Siena and Misha Ravanos

    Kalida brings up Misha's mention of a "third weapon."  She says she hasn't seen this third weapon, and isn't asking him to tell her anything about it, but if there's something else on the ship that should concern her as a gunner, then not telling her about it indicates there's a lack of trust there.  That's fine, but considering the situation he is in on this ship, he can't really afford to have anyone he doesn't trust.  She concludes, "If this is true, then when it is convenient I will leave the ship, so you don't have to worry about it."
    Misha thinks for a while, then replies, "At this point there's no need for you to leave the ship.  We are in a somewhat delicate position, particularly with regard to the Imperium, or elements within it, and... I'm not a very trusting person."
    "This isn't necessarily something that needs to be decided immediately.  I don't think we were going anywhere particularly interesting to me, so the earliest I would get off if you're interested in me leaving the ship would be Mora."
    Misha muses on why they decided to keep the third weapon secret.  Helia wanted exclusive control over it, as she felt it was too powerful to be released to anyone else -- including Misha or anyone else on the ship.  More specifically she was concerned about Robert or Shark, but she didn't want anyone else to use it either.  He says aloud, "The third weapon is... a complete unknown to us, and we're actually very frightened by it.  Not telling you about it was really more a matter of..."
    "...ignore its presence."
    "However, things you ignore can turn around and bite you."
    "Well, this one can certainly bite us!" laughs Misha.  He continues, seriously, "I can certainly understand that."
    "As I said, I'm not making any demands, and there's nothing that has to be decided at this instant."
    Misha nods.  He then asks, "How are things going?"
    "Very interestingly.  You are an intriguing bunch."
    "We are that!  You had originally signed on just to get off Caloran.  Have your feelings changed?"
    "As I find more and more out about what you are doing, I find it very interesting.  I would like to stay."
    "Well, for the time being, you are welcome."