(32a) Addendum to (32)

The Misha Campaign (218 / 801 local)

Private Activities by Robert Morris

    Kalida Siena has turned on her personal computer and allowed it to link with the ship's computer.  Robert has been waiting for this, and immediately his automated program picks out her personal data for him to examine.
    There is an area where she's taking notes on a system called Nakege.
    She has some notes she took during her career in the Imperial Marines.  There is nothing for the last year, but everything up until then completely backs up what she's said.
    Also included are impressions of various personalities on Adabicci, and Rhylanor, especially nobles.  These have clearly been written from personal experience.  After leaving the Marines, Ms. Siena has moved in quite high social circles.
    Her personal correspondence, in addition to that with her family on Jewell, indicates she was corresponding reasonably often with Sir Geoffrey of Adabicci.  Sir Geoffrey (Geoff, as she calls him), is a good friend of Marquis Marcus Crestworthy, and they have spent some time on his estate on Adabicci.  Mostly it's light conversation -- how do you like your new position, as a civilian, and stuff like that.
    Aside from the gap in her work notes for the last year, everything seems straightforward and above board.  All indications are that she's been honest with the crew of the Nightshade.