(30a) Addendum to (30)

The Misha Campaign (174-1121)

Shark's Findings on Albert Patyr

    Shark's information is about a year old, but he was right to recognize the name.
    Albert Patyr is a middle-aged man, with a long history of questionable dealings.  He always works on the edge of legality.  He's done courier work, smuggling, blockade running, picking up goods that aren't legal somewhere and moving them somewhere else.  He works for himself.  He's supposedly reliable in that nobody has ever questioned his abilities -- or if they have, they've retracted it later.
    He's mixed up in a lot of dodgy business.  The effort involved in putting together a case against him is out of proportion to the business he does.  He generally does jobs for people, although he has done some independent stuff.  He's well enough off, he just seems to like the trade.
    Patyr has picked up a lot of skills.  He can do almost anything to some extent or another, and can turn on the charm when he needs to.  He has no history of violence; any associated with his dealings is probably done by someone else.
    When last heard of, he was working under the guise of the Associated Surplus Distribution Company, based at Dekalb / Querion.  ASDC is known to traffic in pirated goods, including parting out trophy ships captured by pirates.  They'll also run courier service for dubious goods, no questions asked, and sometimes provide transport for people who need to get somewhere without going through the proper channels.