(24b) Addendum to (24)

The Misha Campaign (151-1121)

Shark's Klatrin Experience

    This time he was ready for the experience.  He saw the shadows, saw everything around, and found out how to avoid them.  He moved pretty quickly, and discovered that they are not as powerful as they seem.  They're much less threatening when you know what they are.  He's been able to explore the universe and drift through the total range of experience, of colors, of dimensions, of everything.  He needs to keep an eye on them, but he can avoid them easily enough.  He starts to pick out some details, little things.  Some of the shadows have memories floating in them -- over in this one is the guy who gave them the bomb; over there, somebody who tried to kidnap Mich.  They're not the same, they're different ones.  He feels like if he thinks about it, and gets enough information -- studies ships logs, and so on -- he might be able to make some sense out of it.  For example, there was a lot of interest in Mich until they left Digitis.  It's been quite a while since then, and nobody's tried anything since.  Come to think of it, what sent them to Digitis in the first place?  That's worth checking out, seeing where it came from.
    He's still going to have to keep his eyes open.  Anyone could be part of one of the conspiracies.
    He wants to pick out Digitis and Goose in this universe, but it's far to hard.  He doesn't even know where to start.