(24a) Addendum to (24)

The Misha Campaign (151-1121)

Misha in Sparkly Pink Mode

    Misha is a disembodied spirit, sensing the things all around the ship.  It's not quite that he is the ship, although he is there instead of the ship, but at the same time he knows he can move around to look at different viewpoints.  Right now, the view is concentrating on is that he's aware of the people on the dock, how much of a threat they might present.  None of them present any threat right now, but he knows he could see different threat levels.  It's as if he has a tactical computer that helps him out with anything he looks at.  He has a feel for everything that's around, wind direction, water, the environment.  It's really hard to grasp all this -- it's a lot of information and will take a lot of getting used to.  In fact, he's feeling pretty overloaded right now.  It's really making his head spin.
    He focusses on the internals of the ship.  A good bit is available to him.  He can see the individual weapon systems and their status, engineering status -- like he can call up anything he wants about the status of the ship, and what's available on the sensors around him.  he can check the humidity level in the solarium if he wants to.  He knows where everyone is on board, and their status.  He finds that as he focusses his attention in on one thing, others start dropping out of his awareness.  He's also having real trouble with the concept of full spherical vision -- that's a really difficult concept.
    He attempts to go back to normal mode.