(23a) Addendum to (23 )

The Misha Campaign (144-1121 & 147-1121)

Robert's Klatrin Experience (1) (144-1121)

    Robert has had an interesting time.  He's again traversed the whole realm of possible experience, and at the same time experiencing the symbols for it all.  Everything's come together.  He "has" the script.  His mind has continued with an extension of the sparkly pink mode with the computer, and his being has reached out, taken that, and carried on.  He understands how it works now.  It's so elegant, so obvious.  There's no further to go in this direction of understanding.  He can build symbols, describe everything.  It's so perfect, everything is just so cumbersome.  While there is no spoken equivalent, he can communicate by signing symbols in the air.

    He finds that from the first time he signs in the air in his stateroom -- to adjust the water temperature -- the ship re-labels things for him.  As he approaches a console, it is re-labeled from galanglic to script.

    Programming the transponder will be trivial.  All he has to do is conceive the symbol that describes it, and it's done.  All programming is simple -- just form the concept, and the symbol is the program.

Robert's Klatrin Experience (2) (147-1121)

    When Robert wakes up, he is unable to talk.  He can "sign" symbols, but has no concept of how to make language.  He's forgotten how to communicate in the grunts that constitute galanglic.