(21a) Addendum to (21 )

The Misha Campaign (122-1121)

Shark's Klatrin Experience

    The experience started out wonderfully.  He has seen the universe, wandered all the way through it, walked through stars.  He's grown to the point where the universe is a little speck and he can hold it in his hand, and he's shrunk to the point where he can see all the atoms around him.  He's drifted between stars, seen creatures form and reform in nebulae, swam through deep oceans, leapt over tall mountains in a single bound.  The sense of time is completely lost, if feels like it's been forever and no time.  He's seen other colors that don't exist.  He's seen things in more dimensions, and realizes that this world around him is just a pale compression to three dimensions.  He's been going through everything and experiencing -- he's been everywhere and nowhere.  He's looked around in different dimensions.  He's walked on burning sands -- it hurt but then it didn't either, it hurt but then what is hurt, relative to everything?  It's another experience, just mixed in with all this overload.  He sees sound, smells colors, and found a different perspective on everything.  It's all just more expansive than he had imagined.  He'll have a different outlook on things because of this, it's so different.  He's seen that there's so much more, and all these things around are just three-dimensional projections.

    Then it gets bad.  He realizes that wherever he goes, someone -- or something -- is watching him.  And whatever is watching him is menacing, means him harm.  He starts rushing through the universe, trying to shake the watcher, but wherever and whenever he goes, the watcher always comes back.
    He starts noticing that in many places he goes, there's already a watcher there waiting for him.  He now realizes that everywhere he goes, there is a watcher.  No, there's often more than one.  They're a conspiracy, or rather multiple conspiracies, and they're all out to get him.

    He hurries more, trying everything he can to shake them.  He tries hiding the heart of suns, inside planets, inside the event horizon of black holes, but he can't get away.

    The effort is taking its toll.  He's tired, exhausted, using up his body in this hopeless flight.  It's time to see what he's up against.
    He stops running, and approaches the watcher.  As he gets closer, he sees what it is.  It's a shadow, just darkness.  And he can feel some of its nature, an evil that wants to suck him into a fate of eternal agony.
    He shrinks back, and the shadows come out of hiding and glide towards him.