(20a) Addendum to (20 )

The Misha Campaign (122-1121)

Helia in Sparkly Pink Mode

    Helia is now in range of the conflict.  Out there, in front of her, is the Third Eye.  The destroyer is just beyond that one, and she can see the missiles headed for her friends.  She sees the Third Eye's laser take out three of the missiles, but there are fifteen left.
    She wants to get rid of those missiles.  If she can't do that, she'll get rid of the ship that's firing them.
    She reaches out, and as she taps her finger in the direction of the missiles, laser beams shoot out and vaporized them one at a time.  It's just like playing that old game, "Missile Command."  Unfortunately the last one she hits very close to the Third Eye, and it looks like it's managed to do some damage to the ship.
    She wants to stun the destroyer.  She wants it to stop firing.  If she has a field or something she can burst on it so it can't fire, that's what she wants.  She has lasers, missiles, and something else -- a blob she can direct at something.
    She thrusts out her hand, opening her fist and releasing the weapon from her palm.