(16a) Addendum to (16)

The Misha Campaign (109-1121)

Helia in Sparkly Pink Mode

    Helia flies around inside the bay, and approaches the big door to the outside.  There's no airlock there, and she doesn't want to let all the air out of the station, but she does feel like she could punch her way through the door -- or, rather, punch at it and make it so she could go through.  She decides she'd rather have Robert open the door first.
    She also notices she's developing full vision, all the way around her, without turning her head or anything.  She can also adjust her flight by flexing her wings.  It really feels like she's flying.
    She experiments with flying closer and closer to the walls of the bay.  She makes quite a few sweeps, enough to be sure there's no safety interlock to prevent her flying into it if she wanted.
    She feels it appropriate not to go outside yet.  She would like to talk to Robert.  She says, "Robert!"  The voices around her distract her somewhat, but she can talk with them in pink mode.