(5a) Addendum to (5)

The Misha Campaign (315-1120)

Robert's Klatrin Experience

    Robert Morris has been having quite an experience.  He has a whole different view of the universe.  He's seen things, done things, heard things, drifted between stars, watched strange creatures form and re-form around him in clouds of nebulae.  He's seen deep oceans, he's leapt from tall mountains, walked on clouds, flown with the power of his mind.  He's seen things that he can't even describe, they're just so weird.  He's seen things in more dimensions, and can picture them perfectly even though he doesn't have the words to describe them.  He's seen things, heard things, gone places, walked around, picked things up.  "That's what it feels like to hold a hypercube."  It's an experience that isn't inherently addictive -- not physically, anyway, but perhaps he could figure some of it out if he got used to it.  He's just been somewhere else, everywhere, nowhere, at the same time.  Things have floated by and he's reached out and touched stuff.  He's walked for miles on burning sands.  It didn't hurt.  Hurt is such a relative term.  When you've experienced all these things, everything else just is a different sort of effect.  When you put it in perspective, pain -- or sight, or the noise you hear -- you know there's more to it because you've seen it and heard it.  You know what red smells like.  You've seen colors that are indescribably different.  You'll never talk quite the same.  The manner of speech -- sometimes the uselessness of language gets to you and you just sort of... You can understand why all these people have different accents, and different manners of speaking.  You''ll never see anything the same again.

    Robert finds himself strapped to a table in a  three dimensional projection of a place he recognizes as the sickbay.  Two three-dimensional projections of people are looking at him -- Misha and Baron Bridgehead.