(39a) Addendum to (39)

The Crusader Campaign (140-1122)

Kalida's Break

    Kalida has been called out of the legal talks by Jack, who wants to discuss something privately in her stateroom.
    Jack tells Kalida she thinks she can break the fleets through the box.
    "Break communication?" asks Kalida.
    "Break their ships," says Jack.
    "Yes.  There's... it's potentially dangerous.  The consequences might be a little far-reaching."
    "Danger how?"
    'I can have the communications boxes take over the ships.  They might decide that... there's not telling what they might decide to do."
    "Ah," says Kalida, "So you can break them but you can't tell them what to do after that."
    "Yes.  It's an option.  I think we should reserve it for... it depends, as long as no-one else is using the brown boxes, it's not going to... spread."
    "Can you explain this to Misha, or do you need me to..."
    "No," interrupts Jack, "I'm not going to explain this to anybody.  I'm not going to explain that I can do this.  You can tell them that maybe I have a trick I could try if you decide to use it.  That's all I'm going to admit to."
    "OK," says Kalida.

    Kalida returns to the legal discussions.