(38a) Addendum to (38)

The Crusader Campaign (140-1123)

The Course of the Battle of Tussinian, 9:10 to 10:20

Before 9:10

    On the port quarter, Motmos and Gl-X-2 are holding position after defeating the Trin fleet.  Motmos is down to maybe 1/3 strength, but Gl-X-2 is still in very good shape.
    On the port bow, Tr-X-2 has previously taken fairly heavy losses and is closely engaged with Gl-X-1.  New Rome and Glisten are outside the fight, maneuvering for position.  Tr-X-2 is under half strength.  Glisten has been outmaneuvered several times and has taken significant losses, and while New Rome is not quite in such a bad shape, it has still suffered including its flagship and three other capships at the hands of Nightshade.
    On the starboard quarter Murchison might be about to fall, at only 20% strength and pinned between three fleets after a very impressive run of holding on through superior maneuvers.  They are facing Jone, Mille Falcs, and the Darotukshi Battle Group.  Jone has taken some losses, but the other two attacker fleets are in fine shape.  Darotukshi, of course without the flagship, is almost completely fresh.
    On the startboard bow, Commodore von Krantzhoff's Tr-X-1 has the better positional advantage, with Raweh close by, but with Iderati and a completely fresh Llanamith Battle Group (without Llanamith herself, of course) lagging behind.  Raweh has been hit hard several times, taking significant but not crippling losses.  Iderati has suffered fairly light losses.  All of them are showing fine tactical technique, particularly von Krantzhoff.
    Eqypt and Mirriam are on station matching the innermost moon.  Mirriam was piping tactical direction, but just under an hour from now, at 10:03, will lose all communications.  Elixabet and Emape are in the process of joining the parking formation.


    Motmos and Gl-X-2 holding,
    Tr-X-2 still in close battle with Gl-X-1, but New Rome is starting to outflank them.  Glisten has still not found a good position yet.
    Amazingly, Murchison is still holding, only Jone being able to maintain good contact with Mille Falcs and Darotukshi still lagging.
    Tr-X-1 is fighting Raweh still, holding a slight advantage, but it's leaving them open to being outflanked.  Iderati and Llanamith are taking advantage of that.


    Motmos is pulling out of the battle to join the parking lot, retreating in good order and formation.  Gl-X-2 will be spending half an hour reaching a high position to enable them to be deployed into whatever position is needed.
    Tr-X-2 still has the upper hand on Gl-X-1, but New Rome is still proceeding to a good position.  Glisten is on the move, but outmaneuvered still.
    Murchison is still in a position of advantage, but taken enough losses that they cannot last longer.  Jone is taking losses too, but can afford more.  Mille Falcs and Darotukshi are in position to prevent Murchison escaping.
    Tr-X-1 still engaged with Raweh, Iderati and Llanamith still outflanking them.


    Tr-X-2 is now in a bad position.  They haven't taken many more losses, but are now hemmed in by Gl-X-1, New Rome, and Glisten.
    Jone charges Murchison and in a bnlliant blaze of fire eliminates the remains of the defender fleet.  It is unlikely that there will be many survivors, the fight was of such ferocity at the end.  Mille Falcs and Darotukshi can only stand by and watch.  All three fleets will take some time to regroup.
    Tr-X-1 has been outflanked, but pushed Raweh back and breaks clear of Iderati and Llanamith.


    Tr-X-2 is doing a Murchison.  They're very weak, but somehow holding on despite being encircled by Gl-X-1, New Rome, and Glisten.
    Tri-X-1 breaks clear and redirects their orbit vector.  Raweh, Iderati, and Llanamith are going to take some time to re-engage.


    Gl-X-2 has reached high position and is ready to redeploy.
    Tr-X-2 is starting to fail.  At about 20% now, it looks inevitable that they will fall soon now.  GL-X-1, New Rome, and Glisten still have them encircled.
    Tr-X-1 is making more space and leaving Raweh, Iderati, and Llanamith on the wrong orbit.


    Tr-X-2 slams into Glisten, who have made another tactical error, and inflicts very heavy losses.  The other two fleets are scrabbling to re-engage.
    Tr-X-1 is clear of combat and free to repair.  Raweh, Iderati, and Llanamith are on an interception vector and should re-engage as a trio in 20 minutes.


    Glisten is about to fall.  Tr-X-1 continues to rip them apart, while Gl-X-1 and New Rome chase.


    Motmos has reached the parking orbit by the moon.
    Tr-X-1 runs into the trio of Raweh, Iderati, and Llanamith, but the fleets do not engage, simply holding an orbit out of range.
    Glisten and Tr-X-2 are in too close for Gl-X-1 and New Rome to get involved, and they're standing clear in orbit.
    Victorious Jone, with Mille Falcs and Darotukshi, are still regrouping.
    Gl-X-2 is still in high position.