(11a) Addendum to (11)

The Crusader Campaign (062-1123)

Misha on the Lawn

    Misha has been sitting on a chair in the lawn area, reading.
    A group of three men comes in, dressed very formally.  He recognizes two of them.  One is Sir Arken Hauther.  The oldest gentleman he doesn't recognize, but the third he does from a while back.
    The third man is in his early fifties.  Misha did a job for him on Algebaster.  The task was to eliminate a small operation that was smuggling people -- that was all the background that was provided for him at the time.  It had been a successful mission.  Misha knew him then as Stan Wood.
    The oldest gentleman is clearly the leader.
    After a few minutes, Sir Geoffrey walks quickly over to them.  He was clearly ready to show the group to a table, had the old man not lead the group -- and Sir Geoffrey -- himself.  The four of them sit down and start drinking, engaging intently in conversation.  From their expressions, the subject is very serious.