Who's Who on Digitis


Hedaker, Erwin

    Current Sheriff of Cormor.  Second son of Julius Hedaker, inherited Cormor at the age of 16 when his brother Ethelred died in a railway accident.
    Erwin of Cormor is believed to be the richest person in the world.  He is reclusive, rarely leaving the Forest.  The Cormor Home is highly advanced, making extensive use of imported technology.  Erwin has been criticized greatly by the Sheriffs of Graundar and Slaabed for relying on offworld resources.
    Erwin lives with his staff in Cormor Home.  He has a younger brother, Eric, who lives in Sirrily, and two younger sisters, Juey and Floria, who run Hedaker Oil in Brohda.  All are unmarried.

    The Hedaker family became Sheriffs of Cormor when Georgi Valanda, only son of the previous Sheriff, failed his competency exam and was forbidden from inheriting the Forest.  At the time August Hedaker was Sheriffs of Horrah, and through his competency score was given first option to Cormor.  August Hedaker took his family and staff, and the line of inheritance has since been unbroken.  All current Hedaker heirs have passed their competency exam.

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