Efate / Regina / Spinward Marches

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Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star
Efate A646930-D B Hi In 800 Im K4 V

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System Data
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System Data

Primary :: K4 V

Orbit Name UWP Grav Day Year deg 
Diam Rem
0 Enur YS00000-D 0.08 36.1 0.11 193 1.0 Re
1 Jor YS00000-D 0.07 22.6 0.32 47 1.3 Mb
2 Efate A646930-D 0.68 21.9 0.74 17 9.1 B Hi In
20 satellite Y510660-D 0.64 21.8 14.08 -66 7.8 Mi Re Sc
3 Stur Y720720-D 0.49 33.6 1.27 -19 10.7 Mi Re Sc
55 Solon G500723-C 0.65 33.3 82.31 -66 8.3 Mi Sc
4 Llun H500520-C 0.25 33.4 2.57 -119 7.8 Mi Sc
5 world Y200000-D 0.07 25.2 5.95 -153 3.0 Re
9 Kru YS00000-0 0.02 37.1 7.62 -152 1.1
11 San Y100000-0 0.08 29.1 10.30 -151 1.1
55 Tun YS00000-D 0.02 13.0 115.1 -151 1.0 Mb

TAS Advisories

TAS Report

Efate: a Description

Efate is settled before 300 and is a member of the Imperium by then. In 300 the neighbouring Ukaye and not Efate is the end of the trade link to Regina Subsector. [TA:15]

Library Data, 1105: Spinward connection in the vital express boat route leading to Jewell Subsector. Recently the site of continuing bitter anti-Imperial guerilla activity. [TB:153]

An Ancient site consisting of a gridwork of thousands of walls spaced about two meters apart and punctuated by extremely massive bulwarks at random intervals is found in 354. [SA:37]

On 274-1105 the Traveller's Aid Society, following a recent firefight in the administrative capital that guts its class A facility there, closes that facility and posts the planet as an Amber Zone. [JTAS4:4]

The main planetside starport on Efate is called Down-Franklin Starport. [JTAS4:4]

Efate's northern continent is named Kormoran. [JTAS6:5]

General Shipyards has a yard here. It is capable of building starships of up to 600 tons, but usually it concentrates on doing annual maintenances. [IE:25]

There is a desert close to the Efate starport. [SOM:46]

The major cities on Efate in 1110 are called Anlisha, Makish, Kheker, Arden, Irir, and Gasharr (Plus Efate Startown, but that contradicts JTAS4:4). [MT2]

there is a mountain on Efate called Mt Surimsi. It is uninhabited and can be climbed:

"... located in the hinterlands of Efate. Air pressure at sea level is .65atm (a taint makes filter masks necessary as well). Mt Surimsi's base is 1.5km above sea level, where the air pressure is .60atm. A low mountain, only 6.5km tall, the air pressure at the summit is .13atm, a Very Thin atmosphere requiring artificial assistance. In summer, Mt Surimsi enjoys a temperature of 30 degrees C at its base; at the summit the temperature is nearly 33 degrees cooler - a chilly -3 degrees C. The 'timber line' is 7.4km above sea level (5.9km up the mountainside); in summer, the 'snow line' is at the same point." [The Mountain Environment]

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