Fornice / Mora / Spinward Marches

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The K'kree enclave is a massive, dome-shaped structure, built to accommodate up to a hundred K'kree comfortably (trade delegations here usuallly have around 50).  The dome is necessary to keep out the heavy rains of the summer monsoon season, otherwise the K'kree would do without any enclosure at all.  Like all K'kree structures, it is very large, and internal partitions, where necessary, are of very light material.  The dome is ringed with holographic image projectors which give the impression that the walls of the dome are not there at all, but that limitless vistas of open grassland surround the enclave area.

The dome is circular, with a diameter of roughty 120 meteres.  Most of the space within is open; a few partitions screen off machinery, storage, and other such unaesthetic necessities.  A day-night cycle macthing that of Kirur has been established.  During the night periods, artificial stars and moonlight continue, providing light equivalent to about twice what would be seen on Earth under a full moon.

In the center is an ornamental garden maintained as a place for meditation and communion with nature.  Rocks surround the small simulated watering hole which is the focal point of the garden.