Zaibon / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star
Zaibon B000544-B
As Ni
512 Im G5 III

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System Data
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System Data

Primary :: G5 III

Orbit Name UWP Grav Day Year deg 
Diam Rem
1 world Y100000-0 0.12 13.0 0.14 1307 1.1
3 world Y500000-0 0.59 17568 0.56 736 8.3

9 satellite Y200000-0 0.26 26.2 4.76 707 3.2
4 world Y100000-0 0.12 19.0 1.13 509 1.3
6 asteroid Y000000-B

8 world F840366-A 0.68 13.2 48.51 -20 12.8

8 satellite Y400000-0 0.12 23.7 4.43 -45 6.7

11 satellite H760164-B 0.91 30.9 7.13 -18 11.4 Re Mb
9 Zaibon B000544-B

As Ni
10 gas giant Small GG 0.40 25.0 379.2

3 ring YR00000-B


6 satellite YS00000-0 0.02 34.2 6.01 -165 1.3

9 satellite Y200000-B 0.10
11.05 -161 3.0 Re Mb

25 satellite Y600000-B 0.71 30.2 51.15 -165 9.6 Re Mb

35 satellite Y100000-0 0.05 29.9 84.73 -159 1.6
11 gas giant Small GG 2.20 29.0 1068

4 satellite Y100000-B 0.06 29088 2.75 -193 1.3 Re

TAS Advisories

TAS Report

Zaibon: Copperhead Road

The asteroid belt at Zaibon was once the largest deposit of copper on record, but the lodes are now played out, and the system facilities are deteriorating.

The starport is on a large asteroid, in an area kept clear of most large rocks by two seekers which are assigned to towing duty -- any asteroid in a potentially dangerous orbit is taken in tow and hauled into a safer course.  Smaller rocks are broken up by automated pulse laser satellites.

The actual starport, administrative, and residential facilities are underground for protection against small meteorites.  The landing field is at the base of a large (artificial and slightly overhanging) canyon, so landing at the starport is more difficult here.  The approach from 10 diameters to orbit is Routine, and the landing from orbit is Routine and Hazardous.

In 1107 this system was the scene of the Porky's Raid, in which a group of ex-servicemen under the direction of the Duke of Adabicci thwarted the Sword World (Sacnoth) plan to achieve a military advantage by covert operations in the strategically important Glisten system.  This action is considered by many to have averted a possible Fifth Frontier War which could have led to the annexation of District 268 by a newly powerful Sword World coalition.  It is believed that the Sword Worlds were at the time being supplied with high-tech naval equipment by an unknown ally.

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-spin SMC
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