Ianic / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Stars
Ianic E360697-5
De Ni Ri
924 Im M6 II M9 D

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Local Information
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System Data
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TAS Advisories
What you must know
TAS Report
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System Data

Primary :: M6 II

Orbit Name UWP Grav Day Year deg 
Diam Rem
Stel Sat
0 Secondary


M9 D
6 gas giant Small GG 0.86 28.2 2.92
7 gas giant Large GG 6.05 26.7 7.78

1 ring YR00000-0

3 satellite YS00000-0 0.07
1.79 916 1.4

8 satellite Y400000-0 0.49 12E3 7.80 916 6.7

10 satellite Y610000-0 0.72
10.89 916 9.4

12 satellite Y300000-0 0.22
14.32 916 5.0

25 satellite Y310000-0 0.38 -6E4 43.06 916 5.0

40 satellite Y200000-0 0.15
87.16 916 2.6
8 asteroid Y000000-0

9 asteroid Y000000-0

10 gas giant Small GG 1.65 33.2 167.0

50 satellite Y400000-0 0.54 24.8 120.3 155 7.0
11 Ianic E360697-5 0.36 17.1 470.5 23 4.8 De Ni Ri
12 gas giant Small GG 1.65 21.1 1328

2 ring YR00000-0

7 satellite YS00000-0 0.02 -1E5 6.34 -59 0.3

Secondary :: M9 D

TAS Advisories

TAS Report

Ianic: Bureaucracy at its Purest

The government of Ianic is an impersonal bureaucracy, and this helps hold its tech level down to 5 [1930's U.S.]. The whole planet is under the jurisdiction of various bureaus, most of which are not cooperative with the traveller.

Crime and violence are rare, so you shouldn't feel uncomfortable without your firearms (prohibited by local law).  Justice is swift and fair, but off-worlders who violate customs or laws can be expected to be deported to startport territory under armed guard.

The Bureau for Health and Recreation is surprisingly advanced, and medical facilities are at least TL7. Health care is provided for all citizens free, and for off-planet visitors at the discretion of the Bureau for Interplanetary Trade.  In the event of injury, make sure someone asks for a representative of that bureau as soon as possible.

Transportation in the cities is almost exclusively through wheeled internal combustion taxicabs. Traffic laws are non-existent (no Bureau has ever been created to handle them) and so travel is a dangerous and frightening experience.  Do not be surprised if you see frequent violent accidents.

On the other hand, the taxi drivers know the layout of the city by heart, and will deliver anyone anywhere in a minimum time. They are not really very talkative, so don't expect a social experience, but travelling by taxicab is the one sure way to get where you want to go.

The Starport maintains radio watch, but the station is not continually manned -- often only when a ship actually lands!

Ianic imposes an 80% import duty on all off-world goods, but aside from that there are no obstacles to passenger transport or interplanetary trade.

The Imperial Ministry of Colonization is conducting ongoing negotiations to allow the immigration of Jonkeereen into the less settled areas of Ianic, but so far the process has been stalled by bureaucratic red tape.

-cam MW
-RSB ds