The Ducal Household

The Ducal Family

    The Karennia family has a strong tradition of service in the Imperial Navy.  All children attend the Naval Academy as a matter of course, and are expected to put in at least one full term in the service.
    The biggest thorn in the side of the family in recent years has been the failure to produce another generation.  None of the Duke's children have yet married, and with the youngest rapidly approaching 50, time is running out to extend the line of inheritance.

Ricardo Karennia, Duke of Adabicci (b.1046)

    Strong interest in Imperial affairs in the area of his jurisdiction (Ianic, Rabwhar, Spirelle, Tenalphi, Zaibon).  Played a major part in preventing a Fifth Frontier War in 1107, including arranging the raid on Bronze on 168-1107 -- he's mentioned on the plaque of the sculpture commorating it.  Highly respected by the Archduke of Deneb.
    Nobles directly under him are the Marquis of Ianic, the Marquis of Tenalphi, and possibly a Marquis or Marchioness of Rabwhar.
    Technically in regard to subsector matters, reports to the Duke or Duchess of Lunion, but is actually an equal.  In practice, reports directly to the Archduke, and in terms of influence is probably more powerful than any subsector Duke.  When Ricardo speaks, Norris listens.
    Despite his advancing age, he remains active in both his duties and in recreation.  He's an enthustiastic polo player, and has one of the best polo pony breeder farms in the Marches.

Justinia Florani-Karennia, Duchess of Adabicci (b.1048 d.????)

    Only wife of Ricardo, mother of all his children.  Only child of Count Robert Gartner and Countess Nora, honorific nobility from Frenzie.  Both her parents died before she met the Duke at a party on Rhylanor.  The couple were married just two months later.
    Justinia was much loved by the public.  She died in 1092 after contracting a respiratory plague while assisting at a childrens' hospital on Rabwhar.

Eduard, Lord Adabicci (b.1069)

    Eldest son of the Duke, heir to the title.  In all respects appears to be a thoroughly worthy successor to the current Duke.  Much more formal and somewhat less easy-going than his father, but no less capable or friendly.  Possibly the most eligible bachelor in the Domain of Deneb, short of the Archduke himself, but you'd have to go through his social secretary even to meet him accidentally on the street.  There's a good deal of public pressure on him to produce an heir, which he ignores totally.
    Served three terms in the Imperial Navy as a Line Officer, and could almost certainly have made Admiral if he'd have stayed in.  His knowledge of military science is superb, and he inspires the men under his command.  As it is, of course, he retired to assist his father and learn the details of the Dukedom.

Baroness Arahani of Adabicci (b.1073)

    Daughter of the Duke, raised to Baroness in her own right in 1122 for her part in managing the Ianic crisis.  Also has a strong interest in local politics, less so beyond the jurisdiction of the Dukedom.  It was a great surprise to everyone outside the Karennia family when she was passed over for Marquis of Ianic in favor of jonkeereen activist Armis Kowrollian.  She's unmarried and apparently in no hurry to change that.  Big fan of the game of soccer, and played on the Naval Academy team.  Served one term in the Imperial Navy as a Staff Officer, left with rank of Lieutenant.

Sir Geoffrey of Adabicci (b.1074)

    Youngest son of the Duke.  Little to no interest in politics.  Has a large estate out in the country and is very happy there.  Has a circle of informal friends, mostly from the lower nobility.  He'll always welcome them to his estate, whether a planned or surprise visit -- if he's not there, they're welcome to stay there in his absence.
    One of these friends is Marquis Marcus Crestworty of Pallique, with whom he served in the Imperial Navy, and was with him in an incident which resulted in both of them receiving the Imperium's highest honor, the Starburst for Extreme Heroism.  He doesn't like to talk about the incident, but when he does he just says they were resisting a mutiny, and Marquis March saved his life.  They both left the Navy shortly thereafter (at the end of their first term), and while Marquis Marc went into academia, Sir Geoffrey retired to his estate on Adabicci to enjoy the benefits of nobility.  He carries the rank of Lieutenant.
    Geoff shares his father's love of equestrian activities, although he prefers touring his estate on horseback rather than competing in any sort of sport.