Traditional Heritage Craftworks, LIC

(summary of the slim book published in 1109)

    The author of this work is someone who claims to have a doctorate in corporate management from some obscure college, but clearly isn't an academic as such.  It's a mass-market book.  It does go into more details about the activities and methods and so on.

    THC has owned the Nakege system for hundreds of years, but has yet to show a profit.  In fact, the corporation has yet to show revenue of any kind.  As of the date of publication, debts amount to around 8 GCr.
    The main product of the corporation is intended to be traditionally crafted bourbon whisky.  To this end, large white oak forests were planted early in the system's development.  Since then the forests have become a self-sustaining ecosystem.  In addtion, various kinds of grain and other agricultural crops are also grown.
    The large range of temperature, and the rapid cycle, is perfect for the ageing of bourbon whisky, which needs warmth and cooling cycles to infuse the distillate with flavor from the charred oak barrels.  Everything in the production process is done with traditional methods, natural ingredients, and manual labor.
    Unfortunately, the owners of THC -- the Gravella family -- have not been able to export anything from the system.  Tukera Lines, the shipping megacorporation, has blockaded the system as the result of unsatisfactory contract negotiations.  The Gravella family has refused to sell any interest in the company to any megacorporation, feeling that it would inevitably compromise the traditional methods in the name of profit.  Tukera has stated that they will start shipping when they own 40% of the company, as they claim they have been promised.  Until then, Tukera maintains a blockade on all outgoing trade.
    Goods are welcome to enter the system, however, and that provides sufficient offworld goods to allow the company settlement to survive.  The 5000 employes are engaged in self-sufficient farming in addition to continuing the production of "Blockade Bourbon".  Stockpiles of the liquor are accumulating on the planet, consumable only by those who live there, and anyone willing to brave the Tukera blockade.  Meanwhile, the Bank of Mongo continues to extend THC's loan, which is secured by their ownership of the system.
    Reports of Tukera confiscation of every item not nailed down on ships that leave the system, on the grounds it might be trade goods, continue to be denied by the megacorporation.