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Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star
Glisten A000986-F A As Hi In Na 821 Im K9 V

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System Data

Primary : Gliss : K9 V

Orbit Name UWP Grav Day Year deg 
Diam Rem
0 Karolio Large GG 5.00 35.5 0.13 320.2
1 ring YR00000-0
35 Norkum Y102537-F 0.12 144.6 74.72 5 1.6 Mb Nv Sc
55 Edram Y333700-F 0.39 147.2 37 5.4 Nv Sc
125 Amman G775814-F 0.91 68.2 504.3 32 10.6 Fa Nv Sc
225 Tyrek Y767537-F 0.88 38.4 1218 32 10.6 Fa Re Nv Sc
1 Glisten Belt A000986-F A As Hi Na
2 Solwyn Belt Y000000-0
3 Tramik Belt G000166-E

TAS Advisories

TAS Report

Glisten: a Description

See also Library Data entry.

Glisten consists of a large number of settlements in one of the three belts orbiting the star Gliss.  The system is named for the system's 10th settlement, Gliss Ten, hence the contraction "Glisten" -- it is thus pronounced with a hard "t".

This system is one of the major high-tech industrial centers of the Marches, and consists of a number of separate asteroid cities, most of which specialize in a particular industry or social role.

Glisten City (a group of five asteroids linked into a tetrahedron) is the system's business and governmental center.  The Pluvis gourp is the site center of starship manufacture and home of the famous Bilstein shipyards.  Therak and Erom conduct most of the belt's minng and mineral refining, while heavy industry is concentrated in the Mistar and Namdet groups and Erom.  Light industry is concentrated on Alea and the Warem and Thacen groups.  Glisten is agriculturally self-sustaining, and farming is conducted in Alea, Ensu, and the Thacen and Vedfor groups to supplement the breadbaskets of Amman and Tyrek.  Among the more specialized asteroid cities are the diplomatic and trade center at Gro'un, the tourism center at Chun, adn the "artists' colony" of Ensu.

The Glisten Institute of Planetological Studies (GLIPS) is located on Was-hin, an asteroid orbiting near Glisten City.  GLIPS is one of the leading educational institutions in the Domain.  Established in 630, it trains its students in the broad discipline of planetology (including the skills Biology, Chemistry, Farming, Geology, and Meteorology).  It conducts studies on terraforming and the introduction of new and geneered lifeforms into new environments.  GLIPS maintains close ties with the IISS, for which it conducts major research, and also hosts a site for advanced scout training.  The student body is close to one million, while faculty and researchers number almost 50,000.  The GLIPS facility includes over one hundred sample ecologies for study, each housed in its own separate asteroid.  It also has a research station on Tyrek.

The Mining School of Glisten is also located in the Glisten Belt.  This institution trains its students in all aspects of asteroid mining: prospecting, mining techniques, and the management of large-scale mining operations.  It was established and continues to be maintained by large endowments from the major mining corporations of the system.

-cam MW
-IE ld
-MTJ 1 dod
-MTJ 4 dis
-RSB ds
-SMC spin
-TD 4 glis

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