Karin / Five Sisters / Spinward Marches

Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star
Karin A767768-C A Ag Ri A 410 Im M7 V

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Referee's Notes
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Encounter Tables
Local Information
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System Data
Detailed information on the system
TAS Advisories
What you must know
TAS Report
Information for travellers
Library Data Entry

System Data

Primary : Rose : M7 V

Orbit Name UWP Grav Day Year deg 
Diam Rem
0 Karin A767768-C 0.79 18.4 0.17 -125 10.6 A Ag R
1 Lianne Y200000-0 0.19 21.7 0.48 -151 3.4
2 Stanley Belt Y000000-C


TAS Advisories

TAS Report

Karin: a Description

The Naval base is rather minor, being merely an adminstrative, logistic, and repair facility.  The scout base is of moderate size, however, because although it is not as important as the base on Mirriam, it does serve the important Xboat link to Wonstar and Raweh.  The Scout and Navy bars are on an orbiting space station around Karin.  Former Navy and Scout travellers are welcome at the base.

(ref: Karin (0534 Spinward Marches): "The Spinward Marches" The Spinward Marches Campaign; "Small Package" The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society 19)