Lerruy / Tardele / Foreven

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Visit of the Anastasia

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Government and Society

Visit of the Anastasia

202-1117 : Lerruy / Tardele / Yonder

The Anastasia comes out of jump at 15:06. They land at the starport at 19:05, but on the way down they have a very close near-miss with a ship (with no transponder or radio) that emerges suddenly from the shadow of the planet. It looks like an old, old Imperial trader, and scans reveal it is operating. It does not respond to their signals, and just continues on its trajectory away from the planet. The ship looks like it was built in the Imperium, probably TL-13, and several hundred years old.  It seems as if it spends most of its time drifting, with occasional bursts from the engines to make a course correction.

There are two stars in the Lerruy system, and the mainworld orbits a gas giant in the closest orbit. Both stars are dwarfs, and Lerruy is another of these terribly cold worlds (-183 degrees). The starport is a patch of tarmac with a simple radio beacon. The people here live underground, and have very primitive vacc suits, sometimes even with air hoses leading back to the airlock. Mining and industry are major activities here, and it is possible that this was once a higher-tech mining colony that degenerated. Most of their equipment, while primitive, is heavy and strong and requires little maintenance.

Since they will be here for several days, they decide to run the on-board air purifier to replenish their supplies (from the atmosphere frost) and buy only the food portion of the life-support requirements, which only costs them 10% of the price.

Chiang Ho and Helen go outside to hook up a refueling rig in the ice. Chiang Ho seems a little careless in his vacc-suit work.

Fostriades sells the cargo -- the profit is somewhat over P$1m. Unfortunately, the Tech Level here is too low for the locals to load and unload the hold simultaneously -- it is very dangerous in fact for them in their primitive vacc suits to do anything at all on the surface of their planet. They couldn't go faster if they wanted to (Fostriades even offers them extra pay), so the crew resigns themselves to spending eight days on this frozen rock.

210-1117 : Lerruy / Tardele / Yonder

After four days for unloading, and another four days for loading, the crew is glad to see the back of Lerruy. The Anastasia takes off at 12:00. On the way out, Chiang Ho scans for the old trader and finds it still proceeding slowly on its way through the system. They enter jump for Ferle at 15:59.