Joloch / Scorpio / Foreven

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Visit of the Anastasia

Government and Society

Government and Society

Visit of the Anastasia

360-1118 : Joloch / Corona / Yonder

After just six days in jump, the Anastasia emerges in the Joloch system. The jump transitions were remarkably smooth at both ends.

There are automated beacons here, but they merely convey basic system information (like the location of the starport) rather than attempt any traffic control. There are few ships in the system.

It is decided to refuel first of all. Chiang Ho flies the Anastasia to the nearest gas giant, and they arrive at P6 at 15:00. The next 3 hours are spent refueling.

Fostriades doesn't think it's worth going in to the mainworld for trading or anything. Alice says that the place is basically a small mining colony on a cold outer planet, subsidized by government companies. Technically the trade classifications are Ic Lo Ni Va -- basically hopeless. There are some potentially habitable worlds in inner orbits but they have apparently not been explored.

At 18:00 they start the trip to the jump point.

361-1118 : Joloch / Corona / Yonder

The Anastasia arrives at the jump point at 01:00, but of course the fuel is not yet fully purified.

Fostriades collects another 25kCr from Alice.

They wait until that purification is complete, and at 18:00 they jump for Corona. The engines are running very smoothly indeed.