Purr / Corona / Foreven

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Visit of the Anastasia

Government and Society

Government and Society

Visit of the Anastasia

265-1117 : Purr / Corona / Yonder

The Anastasia arrives from Karakus at 15:41. Chiang Ho takes the ship in and refuels at the nearest gas giant (P6) in four hours, filling the entire tanks and bladders in case Lorkin turns out to be hostile. Chiang Ho seems to have regained his enthusiasm for piloting, and is really smooth this time.

Purr is cold, vacuum, with a population of 300. The mainworld is a long way out from the sun for the mining, but there may be habitable planets in inner orbits.

Chiang Ho takes the ship to the mainworld, for 2 days orbit-to-orbit (roll from orbit->10d, once for the insystem, 10d->orbit, etc.).

268-1117 : Purr / Corona / Yonder

Chiang Ho makes a perfect landing at the patch of asphalt the locals call a starport. They have the ship unloaded, and set off on an empty run to Lorkin. Chiang Ho takes the ship out to jump point.