Garstez / Corona / Foreven

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Visit of the Anastasia

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Government and Society

Visit of the Anastasia

014-1119 : Garstez / Corona / Yonder

At 01:30, the Anastasia comes out of jump at Garstez. There are three gas giants and an asteroid belt; the mainworld is a satellite of the innermost gas giant.

They had aimed to come out near the P2 gas giant, as far from the mainworld as possible. Unfortunately, the ship has emerged 2 days further out than they wanted, which is therefore 2 days 7 hours from their intended destination.

016-1119 : Garstez / Corona / Yonder

At 08:30 the Anastasia enters orbit at the P2 gas giant. Chiang Ho updates their navigational information on the state of the system -- it was definitely slightly inaccurate. At 09:00 he takes the Anastasia into the atmosphere to start refueling operations.

There is very little in this system. There is a beacon on the mainworld indicating the starport. There is a little traffic -- the scan reveals two ships; one is leaving the mainworld, apparently to jump out, while the other is heading for one of the other gas giants, having apparently recently arrived. The latter is traveling at 5g -- a very fast ship clearly in a hurry.